Allocations Policy


To define Alliance Housing’s approach to allocating housing to eligible tenants across its housing programs and services.


This policy applies to all housing programs delivered by Alliance Housing.

Current housing programs offered by Alliance Housing are:

Social Housing: rental accommodation made available for people on low and very low incomes.

Affordable Rental: rental accommodation for households on low to moderate incomes.

Specific Needs Housing: rental housing for tenants with health, medical or other specific needs groups.

Special Purpose Projects: rental housing projects delivered to target specific local circumstances or needs.


Alliance Housing manages a range of housing stock sourced from a variety of funding sources. In managing this housing for our communities, Alliance Housing seeks to ensure its available housing stock is used to provide maximum benefit to our tenants and meets the policy intentions of our funding partners.

In allocating housing we seek to ensure that we:

a) Provide housing that meets the individual or households’ specific needs;

b) Are fair and equitable in offering housing to eligible households;

c) Make every effort to provide housing that enables our tenants with every opportunity to maintain a successful tenancy;

d) Are open and transparent in our allocation processes;

e) Comply with our obligations to our funding and regulatory partners.


Alliance Housing will allocate housing across its housing programs as follows:

1. Social Housing and Affordable Rental

General housing will be allocated to eligible people from the Joint Waiting List consistent with the Department of Communities’ Community Housing Allocations Policy – (

The Joint Wait List includes new applicants for social housing and tenants who have been approved for transfer from Department of Communities accommodation. Generally, allocations will be made according to priority, date of application and the suitability of the property available.

1.1 Non-Standard Allocations

In seeking to enrich the lives of our tenants and play a critical role in supporting our communities, Alliance Housing recognises that at times it may need to vary its standard allocation policies. As such, Alliance Housing reserves the right to make non-standard allocations that meet the needs of the individuals and/or local communities we serve.

Non-standard allocations may occur in circumstances where Alliance Housing:

a) Wishes to support someone who is at serious risk or in imminent danger;

b) Provides an urgent transfer to support tenancy management, redevelopment or other strategic or operational objectives;

c) Supports a person with specific needs e.g. if they need a specific location or property;

d) Is required to meet internal or contracted strategic objectives;

e) Is supporting the outcomes of partnered support agencies including the Department of Communities;

f) Has a property that is difficult to allocate.

The reasons for non-standard allocations must be supported by evidence and documented. Non-standard allocations can only be approved by the Chief Executive Officer and are to be reported to the Board at the next available meeting.

2. Specific Needs Housing

Specific Needs Housing is generally provided for targeted groups with unique criteria for assistance. Alliance Housing will ensure that it complies with the policies and guidelines for the specific program and any service agreements when making allocations for Specific Needs Housing.

3. Special Purpose Projects

Some housing projects are funded or developed to meet specific community needs and additional criteria may apply to ensure the properties are allocated in accordance with either funding or contractual arrangements.

Legislation and Compliance

Where applicable, this policy will be implemented consistent with:

a) The requirements of the Western Australian Community Housing Regulatory Framework

b) The Residential Tenancies Act

c) The Retirement Villages Act

Implementation, Review and Amendments

This policy is applicable from the date of Board Approval. Alliance Housing will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains up to date.

Document/Version Number: AH-ALLP/1

Amended By: Elysian Consultants

Amendment Narrative: New Policy Document

Board Approval Date: 17/02/21

Status: Approved