About Alliance Housing

Alliance Housing plays an integral role in relieving housing poverty in communities throughout South West WA. An independent, sustainable, not-for-profit organisation, we are passionate about providing affordable housing to ensure safety, security and quality of life for people in need.

Alliance Housing has been meeting the need for affordable, secure, high quality housing in the Greater Bunbury and South West regions for more than 20 years. From small beginnings, the organisation has grown to now manage properties around WA, housing more than 200 adults and children throughout Australind, Bunbury, Eaton, Busselton, Manjimup, Nannup, Donnybrook, and Narrogin.

We offer practical, flexible, community-based options for people who are struggling to afford accommodation for themselves and their families, and for seniors wishing to remain in their communities as their circumstances change.

We develop housing for our tenants, ensure their tenancies are maintained, and deal with all maintenance issues and leases. We also maintain individual, face-to-face interaction and communication with our tenants to ensure they have peace of mind, flexibility and choice when it comes to their housing security. We are continuing to actively expand our housing portfolio in the South West through purchasing and developing property.

Alliance Housing’s not-for-profit status allows us to reinvest earnings generated through our core business into funding engagement and capacity building programs that aim to improve tenant participation, wellbeing and financial resilience. It also allows us to reinvest profits into maintaining and growing our property portfolio which, in turn, enhances our capacity to facilitate pathways in to and out of social housing.

Alliance Housing looks forward to a future of continual growth to cater for the housing needs of those in need in the South West for current and prospective tenants.

A recent project at the Boat Playground in Bunbury.

Our Mission

To become a significant Community Housing Organisation (CHO) in Western Australia and relieve housing related poverty by providing and managing quality, secure and affordable housing for those people on a low-to-moderate income.

It is also our intent to develop and promote awareness of housing problems and solutions that may be offered within the framework of a “not-for-profit” organisation.

Our Vision

  • To relieve housing related poverty.
  • To encourage tenant participation in the development, design and management of accommodation provided by the Association.
  • To develop and promote awareness of housing issues and, in particular, community housing.
  • Work with agencies to support mutual clients.
  • To do all lawful things as are necessary, incidental or conductive to the fulfilment of the above objects.
  • To enrich the lives of tenants.
A recent project at the Boat Playground in Bunbury.
A recent project at the Boat Playground in Bunbury.

Our Values

  • Respect — Respecting and valuing our relationships with tenants, partners and employees.
  • Honesty — We are truthful and open in our interactions with our tenants, contractors and the wider community.
  • Professionalism — Act, behave and engage in a competent, reliable and respectful manner at all times.
  • Transparency — Operate with transparency by communicating with unwavering candour, honesty and respect.
  • Integrity — We are honourable, trustworthy and strive to do what is right.
  • Care — We act with compassion and sensitivity towards the needs of others.

Our Team

At Alliance Housing, we have a highly diverse and skilled team. The breadth of experience of our team and board members ensure we are providing the best possible service and support to our tenants.

Meet our CEO and Board Members
A recent project at the Boat Playground in Bunbury.