Eligibility Policy


To define Alliance Housing’s approach determining eligibility for housing assistance across its housing programs.


This policy applies to all new applications for housing and the ongoing eligibility of existing tenants.

Current housing programs offered by Alliance Housing are:

Social Housing: rental accommodation made available for people on low and very low incomes.

Affordable Rental: rental accommodation for households on low to moderate incomes.

Specific Needs Housing: rental housing for groups with health, medical or other specific needs.

Special Purpose Projects: rental housing projects delivered to target specific local circumstances or needs.

Policy Intent

Alliance Housing aims to work with Government and other providers to provide housing assistance to individuals and households who have a housing need and are unable to access the normal market housing options. Housing need is determined by individual financial, social, medical and health circumstances and is impacted by the availability, appropriateness and accessibility of housing in the specific locations. Housing can be provided while the individual or household remains eligible for assistance.


In assessing eligibility for new applicants and existing tenants Alliance Housing will look at the individual or households’ income, assets and other circumstances such as medical, health and social issues. Alliance Housing also reserves the right to consider the specific issues and circumstances related to the applicant and the local housing market.

This seeks to establish that the applicant:

a) Complies with the relevant income and assets limits;

b) Has a need for long term accommodation;

c) Can meet the rental payment and bond requirements of the tenancy;

d) Can comply with the Residential Tenancies Act or relevant legislation; and

e) Has the ability to sustain a successful tenancy without support, or with appropriate support in place.

Eligibility criteria will vary across the housing programs.

1. Social Housing and Affordable Rental

Income and Assets eligibility requirements for Social Housing and Affordable Housing are determined consistent with the Department of Communities’ Community Housing Income and Assets Limits Policy (http://www.dhw.wa.gov.au/HousingDocuments/Community_Housing_Income_and_Asset_Limits_Policy.pdf)

1.1 Social Housing Joint Wait List

Applicants for Social Housing will be required to submit an application for Housing to the Department of Communities, identifying that they wish to be considered for Community Housing. Subject to approval, they will then be registered on the Joint Wait List.

1.2 Alliance Housing Affordable Rental Wait List

Applicants for Affordable Rental may submit an application for Housing direct to Alliance Housing. Subject to approval, they will be registered on the Alliance Housing Affordable Rental Wait List.

1.3 Review of Affordable Rental Registration

Registrations for Affordable Rental will be reviewed annually to ensure the tenant:

a) Remains eligible for Affordable Rental;

b) Continues to have an ongoing requirement for housing assistance;

c) Has been assessed to determine if they are also eligible to be listed for social housing.

1.4 Withdrawal of Affordable Rental Registration

If an applicant for Affordable Rental is deemed to no longer be eligible for Affordable Rental, or no longer have an ongoing requirement for housing assistance, Alliance Housing may remove the tenant listing from the Affordable Rental Wait List. Prior to a formal decision to proceed with this action Alliance Housing will write to the tenant and offer them to provide additional information or confirmation of their ongoing eligibility or need for housing.

An application will only be removed once the tenant has been provided the opportunity to provide additional information and this has been considered by Alliance Housing. Should Alliance Housing proceed with removal of the listing, the tenant will be formally notified of the decision and reasons in writing. They will also be provided with information on Alliance Housing’s appeal processes.

2. Specific Needs Housing

Specific needs housing is generally provided for targeted groups, eligibility criteria will be assessed against the Program guidelines.

3. Special Purpose Projects

Some housing projects are funded or developed to meet specific community needs and additional criteria may apply to ensure the properties are allocated in accordance with either funding or contractual arrangements.

4. Other Factors

Other factors that may be considered by Alliance Housing in assessing eligibility for assistance include:

a) Disability or mobility issues;

b) Medical circumstances that limit access to housing;

c) Mental health conditions;

d) Social disadvantage; or

e) Locational issues relating the availability, appropriateness or accessibility of accommodation for specific groups.

Legislation and Compliance

Where applicable, this policy will be implemented consistent with:

a) The requirements of the Western Australian Community Housing Regulatory Framework

b) The Residential Tenancies Act

c) The Retirement Villages Act

Implementation, Review and Amendments

This policy is applicable from the date of Board Approval. Alliance Housing will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains up to date.

Document/Version Number: AH-ELGP/1

Amended By: Elysian Consultants

Amendment Narrative: New Policy

Board Approval Date: 17/02/21

Status: Approved