Pandemic Policy


The purpose of this policy is to define Alliance Housing’s approach to responding to pandemic diseases.


This policy applies to all housing programs delivered by Alliance Housing.


The intent of this policy is to ensure that Alliance Housing, as far as practicably possible, protects its tenants, staff and the general public from infection or contagion caused by epidemics, pandemics and outbreaks of severely infectious diseases.


From time to time, outbreaks of infectious diseases will develop into epidemics or pandemics, and create increased risks for the community. When these events occur, unique and targeted responses and changes in standard policy and practice will be required to manage the risks of the particular disease.


Alliance Housing’s responses and actions to these events will be based on the following principles:

• Protecting the health and safety of staff, tenants and the community will be our primary focus;

• Our actions will focus on the most effective actions to prevent and control the transmission of infectious diseases;

• Our response and actions will be informed by, and comply with, the advice, guidance and directions of authorised public health experts.

Pandemic Disease Events

Where pandemic disease event occurs either in one of Alliance Housing properties or the local community, Alliance Housing will initiate a response plan. The response plan will cover elements such as:

- Tenant management responses to ensure tenants are protected from risks, human to human contact is minimised and tenants are able to continue to receive necessary services to maintain their tenancies, including maintenance services;

- Treatment and control actions to control or contain the outbreak of disease relevant to the circumstances;

- Staff and contractor safety strategies, such as minimising face to face and direct human contact with other staff and tenants;

- A communication strategy to keep tenants and staff up to date on availability of services and referral to official information sources;

- Engagement with relevant authorities including requirements to notify;

- Use of technology and other options to maintain contact with staff and tenants;

- Other matters relevant to the specific event.

For the purpose of this policy, infectious diseases mean diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi; the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. This policy is focused on infectious diseases that are declared to be an epidemic or pandemic.

Legislation and Compliance

This policy seeks to operate consistent with the Residential Tenancies Act and the Public Health Act.

Implementation, Review and Amendments

This policy is applicable from the date of Board Approval. Alliance Housing will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains up to date.

Document/VersionNumber: AH-PDP/1

Amended By: Elysian Consultants

Amendment Narrative: New Single Policy

Board Approval Date: 01/05/21

Status: Approved