Transfers and Change of Circumstances

Transfers and Change of Circumstances Policy


This policy defines Alliance Housing’s approach to Tenant transfer requests, Management requested transfers and changes in tenant circumstances.


This policy applies to Alliance Housing’s social and affordable housing programs but excludes its lease for life housing program.


The intent of this policy is to ensure that Alliance Housing is able to respond effectively and compassionately where tenant’s circumstances change during the life of their tenancy.


1. Tenant transfers

Given its limited housing stock and very few vacancies, it is not easy for Alliance Housing to facilitate transfers for tenants. However, it is acknowledged that tenant’s circumstances may change, and they may need to relocate to alternative accommodation. Should a tenant wish to request a transfer, Alliance Housing will consider a formal request from the Tenant which outlines the reasons for the tenant’s request, and appropriate medical or other documentation.

A transfer will only be considered where the tenant continues to be eligible for assistance and can demonstrate:

• That they are meeting the requirements of their tenancy agreement;

• That their circumstances have changed and that their current accommodation is no longer suitable due to medical or other circumstances; and/or

• They or a household member is at risk or in imminent danger by remaining in the current property or location.

On receiving a transfer request, Alliance Housing will conduct an interview and assess the request taking into account the tenant’s circumstances and all relevant supporting documentation.

Alliance Housing will make a decision on the request taking into account:

• Changes in the tenant’s circumstances and the appropriateness of the current property;

• Changes in tenants’ support needs, including those that are identified and raised by external support agencies working with the tenant;

• Availability of suitable housing stock;

• Efficient use of stock in the context of the needs of applicants on the waiting list.

The tenant will be notified of the decision in writing with an explanation of the reasons for the decision. If declined, tenants will be notified of their rights to appeal the decision.

Where a transfer is approved, the allocation of alternative accommodation will be at the discretion of Alliance Housing taking into consideration the demand from new applicants on the waiting list for housing, the management of its overall portfolio and existing tenancy mix, and the turnover of suitable accommodation.

Implementation, Review and Amendments

This policy is applicable from the date of Board Approval. Alliance Housing will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains up to date.

Document/Version Number: AH-TCCP

Amended By: Elysian Consultants

Amendment Narrative: New Policy

Board Approval Date: 13/05/2021

Status: Approved