Inspections Information

Tenancy laws allow a landlord to enter the premises for reasons such as routine property inspections (maximum 4 per year), to carry out or inspect necessary repairs or maintenance (72 hours written notice required), if there is an emergency or if we suspect the property has been abandoned.

We visit all new tenants 4-6 weeks after sign up so we can discuss any maintenance and/or tenancy issues. We will attempt to negotiate a suitable day and time with you to carry out inspections. Please make sure you keep us up to date with your preferred contact details (e.g. mobile phone or email). We will write to you and give you 7-14 days notice of your upcoming property inspection.

Tenants are required to allow Alliance Housing reasonable access to the premises to conduct routine inspections with or without the tenant being present. We may take photographs during routine inspections as a record of property condition. After an inspection you will be advised in writing of any work you need to do and any work we need to do to keep the property at a satisfactory standard.

For further information, see our Inspections Policy