Pets and Pet Bonds

Alliance Housing recognises the importance of pets to residents and is supportive of tenants wishing to have a pet, where housing is suitable. Alliance Housing maintains strict rules around pets in Alliance Housing properties and has high expectations of tenants managing their pet’s behaviour. Pet approval may be withdrawn if your Tenancy Agreement or local government laws are breached with regard to having a pet. Any pet complaints received will be investigated by Alliance Housing.

Alliance Housing will consider approval of a pet if:

• The pet contributes to the improvement of your health

• Your property is suitable for having a pet, in accordance with Alliance Housing pet policy guidelines

• The pet does not interfere with the peace and comfort of neighbours

• You comply with local government laws and Alliance Housing communal rules

• You are presently meeting your tenancy obligations

Applying to have a pet

It is important you speak with your Tenancy Officer and gain written approval from Alliance Housing before moving a pet into an Alliance Housing property. Check your local government laws regarding pets. Alliance Housing will not approve more than one pet per tenancy. When considering whether to approve a pet, Alliance Housing will also consider the capacity for the building to manage a further pet.

Providing you meet council laws, you may complete an Alliance Housing Pet Application Form, attach supporting documents and return these forms to Alliance Housing, along with a veterinarian’s certificate confirming the pet is desexed. All dogs must be de-sexed by the age of 7 months and cats by 3 months if they are to live in an Alliance Housing property. If the animal is too young at the time of application, an agreement must be made for the de-sexing of the animal at a later date.

Body Corporate

Some Alliance Housing properties must comply with body corporate rules. Body corporates often have rules associated with pet ownership and pet behaviour. Check with your Tenancy Officer if body corporate rules apply.

Before moving a pet in consider

• How much time you can spend looking after the pet

• How much money you are willing to spend on their care e.g. food, vaccinations, vet fees, council fees

• Grooming required for the pet

• Space for the pet