Rights and Responsibilities of Both Parties

Before moving in, all tenants are given a copy of the current DMIRS Form 1AC ‘Information for tenant’ form outlining rights and responsibilities for both the tenants and Alliance Housing of which include the following;

Our responsibilities to you: Tenancy

• Treat all applicants and tenants fairly and consistently.

• Manage your tenancy according to a Residential Tenancy Agreement (legally binding under the WA Residential Tenancies Act 1987).

• Formally set out the terms of the tenancy including rent, and ensure you understand all terms before signing.

• Respond to your needs, including individual and cultural circumstances, in a timely and appropriate manner.

• Respect your right to privacy and quiet enjoyment.

• Acknowledge your right to lodge a complaint or appeal about a service.

• Encourage you to bring an advocate, support worker and/or interpreter to any meetings.

• Never discriminate on grounds of age, gender, disability, religion, race or sexuality.

Our responsibilities to you: Property

• Provide affordable housing that is safe, secure, functioning and in a satisfactory state of cleanliness and repair.

• Ensure property condition complies with all laws relating to buildings, health and safety including RCDs and smoke alarms.

• Attend to Urgent/Essential repairs. Response times will be between 24 and 48 hours dependant on urgency.

• Attend to major garden maintenance (eg tree lopping).

• Undertake required pest and vermin infestation control.

• Arrange for repairs for damage caused by a third party or events outside of a tenants control (e.g. break in).

• Bear the costs arising from fair wear and tear (eg carpet wear, flaking paint).

• Pay annual water service charges and local council rates.

Your responsibilities to Alliance Housing

• Do not intentionally or negligently cause or permit damage to the property.

• Advise Alliance Housing as soon as able with a repair/maintenance issue, including damage.

• Do not cause or permit a nuisance and respect the rights of others regarding quiet enjoyment.

• Do not use or allow the premises to be used for any illegal purpose.

• Do not allow anyone at the premises (e.g. visitors) to breach the terms of your Residential Tenancy Agreement.

• Vacate the property in a similar condition, fair wear and tear excepted, to when the tenancy begun.

• Treat all Alliance Housing staff and other Alliance Housing representatives (e.g . contractors) with respect.

• Pay utilities including water, electricity and gas, where applicable.

• Notify Alliance Housing immediately in writing of any changes to household income or size.

• Notify Alliance Housing immediately in writing of any changes to your contact details.

• Notify Alliance Housing immediately in writing if you are going to be absent from your property for periods greater than 30 days.

• Undertake basic household maintenance (e.g. removing scuff marks and replacing blown globes, rubbish removal, ensuring adequate ventilation/light to help prevent mould).

• Undertake general garden maintenance (e.g. mowing, weeding, light pruning, water & edging lawns).

• Put bins out when due, otherwise keep them secure and maintained in a clean manner